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Moving House

How it works

It’s a simple idea, Rent to Buy lets you rent now, buy later. The scheme allows you to rent a brand new home, at a reduced rate (80% of local market rent) for five years, giving you the chance to save for a deposit. After the five-year expires, Open Door will offer you the opportunity to buy the home you’ve come to know and love.

If you’re able to save a deposit before your five years are up, you may be able to buy a percentage of your home through Shared Ownership.

We’re more than happy to go through all of your buying options with you at any time.

How does Rent to Buy work?

You’re able to apply for a
Rent to Buy home if:

  • You’re a first time buyer or don’t own a property

  • You’re not in a position to already buy a home (shared ownership or outright sale)

  • You’re in employment and have the Right to Rent in the UK

  • You have a good credit rating, with no CCJ’s or bankruptcy’s

  • You can afford the reduced rent payments plus save towards a deposit

  • No unspent criminal convictions or anti social behaviour orders


The deposit, repayment mortgage and equity loan will cover the cost of the purchase price.


  • Pay 20% less rent (you will only pay 80% market rent)

  • Rent a brand new home until you can buy it

  • May be able to buy on a Shared Ownership basis within five years


  • Save on rent payments, meaning you can start saving

  • Buy the home you have grown to know and love

  • Become a home owner in five years

  • Make your house a forever home

Features and Benefits

Finding a Rent to Buy Home

  • Updates on available properties will appear here with the application form when we have Rent to Buy homes available.

  • If you think you match all the Rent to Buy criteria and would like to apply, please request an application form and a member of our team will contact you.

  • All of our existing Rent to Buy homes have been allocated to customers. If any become available they will be listed on our website. 

We currently have a very limited number of Rent to Buy homes available. Please click the link below to find out more and information on how you can apply. 

Apply for Rent to Buy

Apply for a Rent to Buy home.

If you are interested in a Rent to Buy home, please apply here:

Shared Ownership
from Rent to Buy

Apply to buy your current Rent to Buy home on the Shared Ownership scheme.

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