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It's Diamond for Dee and Derek!

Congratulations to Dee and Derek on their remarkable Diamond wedding anniversary!

The couple who live at Hazlehurst began their married life on 18th September 1963, when they tied the knot at Holy Trinity Church in Runcorn Old Town. Their love story began even earlier, when they met on Saturday night whilst out with friends in Runcorn in 1961.

They have been blessed with two wonderful daughters, and later became proud grandparents of four. Most recently, they've entered the wonderful stage of becoming great grandparents to six beautiful children, adding even more joy to their lives.

While they spent most of their married life in Runcorn, they briefly lived in Spain in the mid-2000s. However, their love for home and their cherished grandchildren eventually brought them back to Halton where they recently moved to Hazlehurst.

They marked the diamond celebrations with a party with family and friends, one of the highlights of which was a surprise cardboard cut-out of Dee and Derek from their wedding day. The icing on the cake was receiving a card from the King and Queen!

Dee and Derek's secret to a happy and long-lasting marriage is simple yet profound: they appreciate each other, their relationship, their family, and their life together. Their love and commitment to one another are truly inspiring.

From all of us at Halton Housing and Open Door, warmest congratulations to Dee and Derek on this incredible milestone!

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