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Once you’ve agreed a date for moving home, you might start thinking about how you’re going to move all your furniture and belongings from one house to another. Even if you’re a fist time buyer, you might soon realise you’ve more to move than you first thought. So will you move by yourself, or with the help of friends and family? 


One option to consider is the use of a removal company. Hiring a professional removal company to get your stuff from A to B can be one of the ways to reduce the stress of moving house. 

To help you decide, it’s worth contacting two or three removal companies for a quotation. Start with some online research to check if there are any testimonials from other happy clients. Most should be able to provide a free, and no obligation quote. 

Moving Boxes

The services provided by different removal companies can vary, but may include: 

  • Packing (all items or just fragile/non-fragiles if you prefer) 

  • Packing materials  

  • Loading and transport 

  • Unloading 

  • Unpacking  

  • Storage (short or long term) 

  • Dismantling or re-assembling furniture 

  • Washing machine disconnection/reconnection 

  • Booking parking (if you're in a permit area) 

How much a removal company charges for their services depends on a lot of factors including: 

  • Amount of furniture and personal effects you're moving (your 'volume') 

  • Access at both properties - internal and external 

  • Distance between properties 

  • Services you include like packing or dismantling furniture 

  • Special care items that might need extra packing or crating 

  • Special handling items that might need extra equipment or a different process to normal 

  • The time of year!  

Whether the removal company provide the quote based on a few questions you’ve answered on their website, or whether a representative from the company has visited your house to carry out an audit of what’s needed, there are some things you should keep in mind when….  

  • Packing materials – are these included 

  • Insurance -  

  • Delays – does the company have a policy when it comes to delays. Even the most straightforward house move can experience some delays on the day so you need to know if they’re happy to wait for you without incurring any extra charges, or is there a set fee per hour. 

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