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Moving House

How it works

It’s a simple idea, Rent to Buy lets you rent now, buy later. The scheme allows you to rent a brand new home, at a reduced rate (80% of local market rent) for five years, giving you the chance to save for a deposit. After the five-year expires, Open Door will offer you the opportunity to buy the home you’ve come to know and love.

If you’re able to save a deposit before your five years are up, you may be able to buy a percentage of your home through Shared Ownership.

We’re more than happy to go through all of your buying options with you at any time.

Eligibility and Assessment

Can I apply for a rent to buy home?

Applicants for Rent to Buy properties will need to complete a specific application form, this will enable Halton Housing to verify eligibility information. Each applicant will be assessed against the following criteria: • Applicants must be in employment and working towards mortgage eligibility • Applicants household income must not exceed £60,000 • Applicants must not have existing bankruptcies, County Court Judgements (CCJ) or have previous history of rent arrears • Applicants must not have more than £3,999 in savings • Applicants disposable monthly income to be less than £2,500, with a minimum disposable income of £850 for a couple and £500 for a single person* • Applicants should be first time buyers or returning to the property market, with no legal interest in any other property • Applicants must not have any unspent criminal convictions or anti-social behaviour orders *Further calculations will be made if living at home/with parents is stated Affordability, credit checks and references will be carried out by a third party as part of this assessment.


  • Pay 20% less rent (you will only pay 80% market rent)

  • Rent a brand new home until you can buy it

  • May be able to buy on a Shared Ownership basis within five years


  • Save on rent payments, meaning you can start saving

  • Buy the home you have grown to know and love

  • Become a home owner in five years

  • Make your house a forever home

Features and Benefits

Finding a Rent to Buy Home

  • Updates on available properties will appear here with the application form when we have Rent to Buy homes available.

  • If you think you match all the Rent to Buy criteria and would like to apply, please request an application form and a member of our team will contact you.

  • All of our existing Rent to Buy homes have been allocated to customers. If any become available they will be listed on our website. 

We currently have a very limited number of Rent to Buy homes available. Please click the link below to find out more and information on how you can apply. 

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