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Who to notify when
moving home

With so much to think about when you’re moving house, letting people know you’ve moved might be further down your to-do list. But amid the excitement of packing and organizing, it’s important not to leave it too long before notifying the relevant people and organisations about your change of address. 

Ensuring you make them aware of your updated contact information will help those important pieces of communication reach you when they should. 

If you can afford the redirect fee, using Royal Mail’s redirect service can provide piece of mind that any important or sensitive information won’t end up in the wrong hands, as the redirection service re-routes any post sent to your old address to your new one.  

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Having the option to redirect your mail for 3, 6 or 12 months also gives you that extra time to notify everyone on your list that you have changed address. 

Simply visit the Royal Mail website or a local post office to set up the redirection, providing the necessary details. 

Now back to the list of - we’ve pulled together this handy guide to help you – there might be more on here than you thought! 

Who to notify 


  • Gas provider 

  • Electricity provider 

  • Water and sewage authority 

  • Waste collection and recycling services 

  • Internet and broadband provider 


Informing financial institutions, insurance providers, and utility companies about your new address is crucial to ensure that bills, statements, policies, and services are directed to the right location. This helps to prevent missed payments, policy lapses, and disruptions in essential services. 

  • Banks or financial institutions 

  • Credit card companies 

  • Investment or brokerage firms 

  • Loan providers 

  • Pension providers


  • Home insurance provider 

  • Life insurance provider 

  • Health insurance provider 

  • Car insurance provider 

  • Any other insurance policies you have 



  • Employer or HR department 

  • Professional associations or licensing boards (if applicable) 

  • Clients or customers (if you're self-employed)  


Local authorities: 

Organizations such as the post office, electoral registration office, and local council tax department need accurate information to ensure that important communications, voting materials, and tax-related documents reach you correctly. 

  • Post Office for mail redirection or change of address 

  • Electoral registration office for voter registration update 

  • Council tax department 

  • Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) for updating your driving license 



  • Internet service provider 

  • Cable or satellite TV provider 

  • Phone service provider 

  • Cleaning services 

  • Lawn care or gardening services 



  • Gyms or fitness clubs: 

  • Sports clubs or organizations 

  • Libraries 

  • Social clubs or memberships 



  • Landlord or property management company (if renting) 

  • Mortgage lender (if you have a mortgage) 

  • Homeowners association (if applicable) 

  • Home security or alarm companies 

  • Pest control services  



  • Vehicle insurance provider 

  • Vehicle registration authorities 

  • Railcard/ other travel card 



  • General practitioner (GP) or primary care doctor 

  • Dentist 

  • Optician 

  • Pharmacy  



This is especially important if you’re applying for a school place at a primary or secondary school as school places can often be allocated according to how near or far you live from that school. Notifying school, college, university etc will also help ensure that important school-related communication gets to you when it should. 

  • Schools or educational institutions (for your children or yourself) 

  • Universities or colleges (if you're a student) 

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