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  • Rebecca Lawrence

Feeling the love for Thornfield Green

Updated: May 30, 2023

Moving home can be really life-changing, and after years of helping people across the North West find their dream home, our team know what a big impact a new home can have, but even we were massively touched by the words our lovely customer at Thornfield Green shared after moving in last week.

“I just wanted to thank you for all your help and support in helping me and my children find our dream home. I've been looking for a shared ownership property for over 18 months. In this time I have had a lot of contact with numerous housing associations, but none of them have shown  the commitment and dedication that you have. In fact many times I sent emails to housing associations regarding properties for sale they didn't even reply to my emails."

"Through every step of the process, you have kept me informed. From the very beginning, before the houses were even finished being built you kept me updated with dates of when I could view the property. Through to exchange of contracts and completion; when my solicitor didn't have the answer or didn't answer my emails, you always did. So I think your attitude and professionalism are outstanding. Throughout the whole process you have also given me loads of advice and information regarding Halton Housing and all the small details that have made moving so much easier, everything from ordering the bins to allowing a dog to live in the property; You are knowledgeable and helpful."

"I want to stress that buying this home is really life changing for us. We have always lived a very unsettled life as my ex-husband was in the army and we moved homes a lot. When we split up I could only afford to live in private rented accommodation. Moving into Thornfield Green has taken away that insecurity, I now know that I can provide a secure home for my children, it means so much to us”.

It’s feedback like this that makes us all warm and fuzzy inside. We really do love nothing more than helping customers like this lovely family find their dream home and we can help you too.

Whatever your circumstances, and what you’re looking for, our friendly team will work closely with you to find out what you’re after and which options will work best for you. Together, our team has years of knowledge and experience from working in the property industry so you can trust us to help you in your search for your new home.

Get in touch today. Call 0333 0044 777 or email

To find out more about Thornfield Green, click here, visit the Thornfield Green development page.

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