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  • Rebecca Lawrence


Open Door and Halton Housing, working in partnership with Magenta Living, are sad to announce that Mulbury, the contractor building new affordable housing at Three Sails Point, Widnes, has unfortunately gone into administration and will therefore be unable to complete the construction of the 243 homes at this scheme. 

Open Door, Halton Housing and Magenta Living remain committed to providing affordable housing in the Widnes area and continue to work tirelessly with the administrators to take the necessary steps to ensure these high quality and much sought-after new homes are completed. 

As soon as progress is made towards getting the construction work back up and running, further updates and announcements about Three Sails Point will be posted on our websites: 

As Three Sails Point will also provide a number of new homes for Shared Ownership and Outright Sale, those interested can keep up to date by visiting the Open Door website – further updates will be added here.

In the meantime, if you would like to speak to a member of the Open Door Sales Team please call 0333 0044 777 or email

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